Better software defined storage consolidation

Shoc Networks partnership with StorONE delivers superior HA, RAID, Snapshots & Replication at lower costs than mainstream workload storage solutions

What is your biggest storage challenge?

  1. Improving Storage Performance
  2. Improving Data Protection
  3. Making the All-Flash Data Center Affordable
  4. Eliminate Storage Refreshes or Migrations
  5. Reducing RAID rebuild times
Our partner StorONE understands the high cost of inefficient storage and took the challenge to rewrite storage algorithms that deliver better storage solutions requiring substantially less agnostic hardware.
Start small with this Enterprise storage solution to solve today’s storage problems and lay the foundation for a complete storage strategy.

Are you a storage administrator Looking for better storage options?

All-Flash Array Storage

Jump to all-flash-array technology that you can afford with the performance and features your organization requires. Start with as few as three drives and grow to access millions of IOPS. Our S1 partnership delivers the best flash experience at the lowest price possible.

What's your RAID Rebuild Time?

Can your storage system handle a RAID rebuild workload quickly and return to a protected state while serving existing workloads? Our storage system can complete a RAID rebuild of 14TB drives in less than 1hr and 45 minutes. You will never have to experience long RAID rebuild times again.

Hybrid Storage

S1:Hybrid storage is a multi-tier platform solving all your mainstream storage problems in a single solution. On just four SAS, SSD S1 can deliver almost 500K IOPS, enabling you to focus your hit tier on performance and your other tiers on capacity. All use cases covered, (iSCSI, Fibre), NAS (NFS, SMB), and Object (S3)


Make your storage better today with the S1 platform

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