power your business with a dynamic Sd-WAN network

Business leaders are increasingly adopting SD-WAN services to deliver connectivity

essential for all business applications and technologies today

A distributed SD-WAN backbone

Shoc Networks and our SD-WAN partners are optimizing bandwidth to deliver redundant circuits to handle SaaS, cloud applications, emerging technologies, and the everyday business needs of our customers.

The ability to improve voice and data traffic giving priority, enable application-defined SD-WAN policies, and provide more efficient and economical bandwidth services managed at lower costs is attractive to businesses who rely on connectivity that generates revenue.

An SD-WAN ready network means worry-free performance with operations and systems running uninterrupted to ensure satisfying end-user experiences.

everything option you need for an sd-wan ready network

Cloud First SD-WAN

A cloud first SD-WAN connects your business through a nationwide cloud access network using intelligent software. This high performance design provides; site-to-cloud architecture, software defined intelligence, best-of-breed security, configurable management, monitoring and alerts.

Fully Managed SD-WAN

Our fully-managed SD-WAN services deliver enhanced, easy-to-deploy solutions, including complete design engineering, dedicated project management, and a white glove implementation and support from our partner team of SD-WAN technology solution architects.

Co-Managed SD-WAN

A co-managed SD-WAN solution allows IT organizations to share the work of managing their business, network, and firewall policies. You get the keys to the management portal to direct SD-WAN self-service controls. You can customize rules to meet your specific network, applications, and compliance requirements.

Build an optimized worry-free SD-WAN network with these benefits

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