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Relying on industry-leading backup and recovery solutions by Veeam, our services are tailored to meet the demands of modern business and enable rapid growth of independent hosting providers.

From strategic locations in the U.S., Europe and Asia, together with our partner phoenixNAP, we provide our customers with opportunities to protect and secure there data or data protection as a service.

All this with minimum upfront investment, fast provisioning, and easy ability to grow your business, while protecting customer data in a highly secure environment.

Take advantage of our free assessment and design offering with phoenixNAP and Veeam for ultimate cloud backup and replication services.

scale Veeam powered cloud backup and recovery solutions globally

Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect represents a comprehensive solution to eliminate the risk of data loss. You can leverage the full potential of cloud storage, backup and disaster recovery without major capital investments.  The flexible provisioning model and scalable monthly pricing help our customers optimize there IT backup and recovery budgets easily.

Managed Backup for Office 365

We assist our clients with Microsoft Office 365 migrations, cloud backups and security technologies. O365 is a productivity tool vital to many businesses and while Microsoft offers basic data protection, a company using O365 is responsible for backing up O365 data.  With a reliable backup in place you can be protected from the most common security threats to achieve your security goals.

Cloud Replication by Veeam

Eliminate IT environment downtime and ensure always on access to your critical data.  Veeam cloud connect backup and replication services enable our clients to store backups safely and restore them easily any time. Implement and manage Veeam cloud connect for reliable and cost efficient cloud backup and replication data services.


Cloud backup and replication is a smart business decision in today’s ultra-connected world.

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