Desktop as a service

Cloud based desktop environment for remote and mobile users

Powering today's remote workforce

Worldwide events have forced companies to shift away from the traditional corporate office model to support a primarily remote workforce.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) enables workers to access workspaces and applications from any device, at any time, from anywhere.

Reduce IT overhead with a fully managed Desktop as a Service solution customized to your company needs. Our DaaS partners configure, deploy, administer, and support your dedicated Desktop as a Service in a private cloud environment with industry leading security and compliance.

As a trusted technology advisor we provide local, national, global Desktop as a Service solutions to companies of all sizes.

Desktop as a service - a digital transformation

Scalability is Easy and Elastic

Remove or add users in minutes. Adjust for seasonality, respond to fluctuations in business trends or deploy applications quickly and easily. Desktop as a Service provides incredible agility to ramp up or down users as needed to meet changing environments.

Security and Compliance

Pre-integrated security and compliance that integrates with cloud applications providing a more wholistic compliance architecture environment. Eliminates the risk of leaving behind laptops, thumb drives, hard drives or other that may pose a security breach.

Centralized Management

Faster onboarding and updates because of the ability to manage remote desktops in a single instance. That single instance can then provision to new or existing desktops, add new applications and than scale to thousands of virtual desktops.


Evolve your remote end user experience

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